NeuralAI And The Total Addressable Market For 3D Asset Creation

3 min readMay 6, 2024

A question that often comes to light within our community is “What is the TAM for a service like NeuralAI?”. While generally difficult to answer, there are some nuances we can talk about when it comes to this question and how large the market NeuralAI is targeting actually is.

The market for 3D animation

The global market for 3D animation, which closely parallels the market for 3D model assets, stood at an impressive $15.5 billion in 2020. The industry’s appetite for sophisticated 3D content continues to grow, and NeuralAI is on track to cement itself as a substantial cost saving feature that also accelerates production timelines and promises a seismic shift in how game developers approach 3D asset creation.

Forecasts are suggesting the global 3D market will climb to approximately $40.5 billion by 2027, making the sector primed for a compound annual growth rate of 11.7%. The expected surge is fueled by the increasing demand for 3D visual effects across many entertainment mediums, craving continuous advancements in 3D modeling tools and GPU capabilities.

NeuralAI’s role in Game Development

NeuralAI has strategically positioned to capitalize on this expansion. By streamlining access to high-quality 3D model production through its intuitive dApp, it enables even novice creators to bring their visions to life with unprecedented ease and speed. This capability is particularly crucial as the gaming industry, a significant consumer of 3D assets, is on track to surpass $280 billion in revenues in 2024.

The shift towards more immersive gaming experiences, such as VR and AR, demands increasingly complex and high-fidelty 3D assets. NeuralAI’s technology is not only timely but essential in meeting these requirements. Furthermore, the trend towards user-generated content and the expansion of modding communities underscore the escalating demand for tools that simplify 3D model creation.

Finances and TAM Estimation

Within the expansive budgets of AAA games, a notable portion is devoted to graphics and asset creation, underscoring the critical role of 3D models in enhancing player engagement and overall game quality. For indie developers, the percentage of budgets allocated to 3D models might be higher relative to their total budget due to their need for distinctive art styles and detailed worlds.

Considering the overall growth trajectory of the gaming market, which could reach over $280 billion shortly, and assuming that 5–10% of game development budgets are dedicated to 3D modeling and assets, the Total Addressable Market (TAM) for NeuralAI could range from $10 billion to $20 billion annually. This estimation reflects the indispensable nature of 3D assets in game development, expected to expand further with technological advancements and increasing market demands.

Official Subnet for Biττensor

NeuralAI is aiming to be transformative in game development and 3D model asset creation. By reducing costs, simplifying processes, and improving the quality of outputs, NeuralAI is ideally positioned to take get in on a significant share of the market. As it aims to integrate further into the gaming industry as an official subnet for TAO Biττensor, the potential for growth and innovation appears limitless, setting up NeuralAI as a critical player in the future of game development.

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